Letter Template Database Truncation Error

Unable to save the template after receiving an error msg: oar88034.infusionsoft.com says: Database truncation error
If you exit out of the program, Everything you have typed is Lost! It then reverts back to the paragraph with Latin in it.

Hi Steve, I am going to DM you for a little more information on this, as I want to take a look at this one.

Thanks for spending some time with me Scott,

For anyone that was curious, we found that this was due to the amount of text going into his Marketing>Template paragraph snippet. The email we were working with contained a wealth of information, and needed to be split into multiple paragraph snippets.

The database truncation error can occur when a single paragraph snippet is overloaded with text. Breaking longer emails into multiple paragraph snippets will avoid this error.

Also note that larger emails can take a moment to save, but no truncation errors should be presented.


how many lines is considered too many for a paragraph?