Legacy API return error - Server encountered exception: Maximum number of threads throttled

I’ve implemented infusionsoft in a node js-based application that uses the legacy API, but I’m getting errors like “Server encountered exception: Maximum number of threads throttled” occassionally, could you please tell me why this is happening?

Here is the error - https://i.imgur.com/1SCcbLY.png
Here is the code block - https://i.imgur.com/U9iGRGp.png

I have reviewed this discussion, but i don’t think i’m using 10K tokens right now.


Peter had the same issue a few days ago as mentioned here:

Kyle, tell us if the issue is still occurring. I am also keeping an eye on this as well.

@TomScott - Has anything changed with the Legacy API lately? Two developers have reported the same issue in a few days of each other.

@Pav I’m still getting this error, can you provide some solution. I am currently experiencing this issue and am unable to use more than one legacy call concurrently.

Unfortunately I cannot fix the issue for you. This is why @TomScott needs to investigate it.

Maybe a good idea to create a Developer Support Ticket here: