Left Align Images on Mobile Version (not working?)

Hi there!

When I have an image in my email it displays perfectly on desktop but I can’t get the images to left align on mobile.

I read one of your other forums (Left align email image on mobile).
There is no whitespace on either side of the images but they are still very clearly staying in the center. Is there a setting or something I’m missing? The alignment setting of the image is left :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Emma, I started the thread you mentioned you read. In that, you’ll see someone else suggested I create an image that is full-sized in width and make it have white space to the right so that even if it centers on mobile, it’s correct. That worked for me-- I made an image that’s 600 px wide and the signature is on the left side of the image. Although I saw at the end of that thread that it didn’t work for someone else but she shared her work-around there as well. Good luck!