Left align email image on mobile

How do I get an image left-aligned in an email on mobile?
In the email builder, when I left-align an image, it is aligned correctly on desktop version but on mobile, it becomes centered. Because one of the images is a signature, it looks weird centered. Here is a screenshot: Snappy - Productivity enhancement tool for referencing information and sharing snapshots )
Please help me fix!

Usually happens because the image has “space” on the left so it becomes an unseen boundry. Try trimming the left/right up to the edges of the image?

Thanks, John. It is trimmed to the edge. In desktop, it looks just right.
desktop screenshot: http://snpy.in/XOA1gv

I make mine full width images with whitespace out to the right.

Thanks, Kati, that’s a simple fix. What width do you find works best?

I create all my e-mails at 600w so I make my images 600 as well.

Changing the signature image to 600px width didn’t work for me unfortunately, but I did resolve the issue with a different sort of workaround.

I added a spacer set all the way to 0 to the right of my signature image, kept the signature image at right-aligned, and then increased the size. When I switched to mobile view it was more or less right-aligned, and works perfectly for us.

I thought I’d post in case anyone else continued to have issues. Thanks so much for bringing up this question and posting the solutions - so very helpful!