Lazy loading for web form embedding using JS?

I have a web form on a wordpress page. The webform is embedded using javascript. The web form does not allow the rest of the elements to load until it is finished. Is there a way to do lazy loading of the web form or something to solve the issue? The HTML version does not work very well.

Generally, to load after the webpage completes, you’d want to put the javascript inside a jQuery ajax.done function.

You could try adding the “async” attribute

I’ve tried both of those ideas. When I do that, the script never loads for some reason. I wondered if that was something on Infusionsoft’s end.

instead of using the ‘$’ you must use jQuery ($ doesn’t work in IS forms)

Can the code be the standard infusionsoft builder code or are you saying I have to put the direct javascript from the site the builder gives into the jQuery function?

Rather: can the jQuery be pointed towards an HTML URL and still function?

Looks like you have to install a WP plugin for async to be supported.

Here is a popular one:

That’s a plugin that allows automatically adding async to scripts called via wordpress’s php wp_enqueue_script call. I may just try to use the html version of the form and style it.