Custom Webforms style

I have some issues with a web forms integrity.
I’m currently using the web forms but as I need to make some customization I decided for the “HTML Code (unstyled)” type, and the main reason I choose this, it’s because I need to remove the text placeholders of the fields and apply some custom CSS. But my main problem is that every time I made some change in the forms I need to copy/paste the HTML code in my custom page on my website.
I was wondering if there some way to do this with the “Javascript Snippet” type or some iframe in order to have a more automatic/dynamic process to update the forms in my end.

I would read through this, @Rodrigo_Donini. Using CSS to affect div style inside iframe - Stack Overflow

Thank you @martinc, but it seems this topic and techniques are not working anymore, for security reasons of the moderns browsers.
I’m still looking for an alternative, maybe on the PHP side.

Let us know if you find a solution.

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This is my current solution, using PHP and the curl functions to trigger a request to the form embed URL.

In my case, I’m using WordPress so I create a shortcode to get the content inside the body and build my own page with my custom design and javascript validations.

Hope it helps, suggestions and comments are more than welcome.


add_shortcode( ‘infusionsoft-form’, ‘embed_infusionsoft_form_shortcode’ );