Last bill needed from a cancelled account

Hey there,

we have cancelled our infusionsoft account a few weeks ago, but unfortunately we couldn’t download the last bill in September. As there were no bills sent via email, there is no chance to get the document quite easily. Can anyone help with this issue? We are a German Company, so I don’t really have a support number to call and as the account is cancelled, I cannot use the live Chat via Infusionsoft-App.

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@martinc, is there anyone that could reach out to @Janina_Lieberwirth?

Hello @Janina_Lieberwirth This is Lesley from Keap. I am happy to help. I believe I found your account. Can you confirm by replying to the email? Thank you!

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Hey Lesley,

thanks for your reply.

Just to give you more Information to check on.

We were billed to:

YES Enterprise Solutions GmbH

Schweinfurter Straße 9
97080 Würzburg/Germany

According to the bills before, our App name was hl681

I hope this helps you. We only need the bill for September. This was the latest bill, that we didn’t download before the account was closed.

Thanks in regard.


Hey @Lesley_Oliver ,
i haven’t received an email from you, so the Problem concerning the missing bill is still up to date.
Could you please send me the bill from September via E-Mail?
thank you.


@Janina_Lieberwirth I resent the email and I need to valid the account to provide the invoice. Can you provide another email address?