Landing page or FB ad?

Is there an advantage to use a landing page rather than a FB ad when posting a video for my service for sale? Also - how can I prevent other videos from running after my ‘whiteboard video’ ad runs?

This is a complicated question - Facebook ads and landing pages serve very different purposes. A facebook ad is about getting visibility, and ideally delivering value to your audience, or connecting with a pain point.

The landing page is where the ad would then drive them, so, once they click through, the landing page would then expand on the conversation, and encourage them to opt-in.

You may already know all this, but I was unclear based on the question.

So, you CAN use a video for both, in fact in many cases it’s smart to use a short (less than 60 second video) for your ad, and then have the rest of the info and conversation on the landing page they end up on.

With regards to preventing other videos from running after yours runs, that usually boils down to where you’re hosting. I use Wistia because I like the clean embeds, and I appreciate that it doesn’t promote other stuff at the end of my video, however, Wistia is on the more expensive end of video hosting solutions.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for the ideas.
I am using YouTube so far for the videos - so I guess I have a bit of a learning curve there yet.
I’ll have a look at Wistia - never hurts to learn something new._

Yeah, Wistia is a bit more “professional”, but also kind of pricey. Vimeo would be another option. YouTube is great because of the SEO and exposure (and it’s free), but the drawback is all the distractions.

Hey John. Watch this


Hi David,

Thank you for the suggestion. Watched the video as you suggested. I’ll have a look at the code and see if I can do that?


John Verway