Landing page for a referral with tags

Hi peops, I have a campaign where a client has the option to refer a friend. They click on this option taking them to a landing page explaining how the referral program works and fills in a form to give us the details of a new lead. I would like to know who has referred who as global tagging the form will give me the lead just not where it came from?
Equally I would then like to create a campaign that auto emails the new lead telling them that a freebie is coming on behalf of those who have referred.

We have a dog treat subscription box so we would like an email directed to fido from rover (if you get what im trying to do) the form collects the dogs details so I have everything I just cant link the two clients together?

Thank you

There really isn’t a way to automatically do that. It’s also a very vicarious approach as you don’t have the referred’s permission and it often results in high spam complaints (most people don’t care if someone they know suggested them … in fact, it seems to create offense in many). I wouldn’t send them anything without “confirming their email address” and if they don’t confirm, I wouldn’t send anything further.

Hi john,

many thanks for your answer; I could just post a free gift with a card but need to know who filled in the details. I can tag the form in the page which will notify me there is a card and free gift to post but still iunaware of how I can find the source?