Landing page content in my site getting blocked by CORS

I created a plugin to keep the Landing page on my WordPress site. I have built functionality to access landing pages from a WordPress site. I have to get the landing page full data using the file_get_content function and accessed the landing on the WordPress site. When opening the landing page get the error blocked by CORS. Also, the landing page form was not submitted. Please help me.

If I understand this correctly, you have written your own coded plugin?

You might want to try this in the API forum rather than here. Also you might want to submit a ticket at the developer portal

Hope that helps

Yes, I have written own coded but not use any API. I have just get full landing page from URL using file_get_contents and echo contents in my site URL.

In that case I’d open a developer ticket as I suggested :slight_smile:

Thanks to assist.

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Hi @Brandsite_Developers, you will be better off using the Embedded route using the “iframe” element.

When you publish the Landing Page you can get the Embed Link for it as shown in the Picture below.

CORS Information - Cross-origin resource sharing - Wikipedia

Hope that helps.