Landing Page Analytics

Is there analytics on Landing Pages?

I am looking to see the # of visits and time spent on page.


ecommerce → settings in leadsource tracking has a tracking link to use on webforms but there are no metrics involving time spent on the page etc. You would need a third party tracking for actual analytics. I believe there is some limited support for utilizing GTM/Google tracking analytics.

@John_Borelli, do you mean Marketing > Settings > Lead Generation? I wasn’t sure if you meant Ecommerce > Settings :slight_smile:

I do not have ecommerce.

I also looked where Cheryl mentioned, and it doesnt seem to have any analytics on the landing page in question.

Seems odd to me that we cannot see how many visits a landing page got so we can calculate some success/failure rates to help us improve…

Use Google Analytics for this… here’s how to set that up: