Kicked out of campaign in chrome - single user

I am being kicked out of the campaign builder whenever I open a sequence. This happens in both published and unpublished campaigns in Chrome. If I use an incognitio window it doesn’t happen. I’ve cleared cache and cookies for all time, but it still happens.

Support didn’t have suggestions except telling me someone else had to be in the campaign which is impossible since I’m the only user.

Maybe here someone has a better clue.

Hi, @Scott_Roewer,

I think you were asking about this on FB as well?

If so and you’re continuing to have an issue with it then you’re likely going to have to contact support to resolve it. I believe they only have chat support for now.

Yes, same question as posed on FB. I showed an infusionsoft partner what was happening with screen share. She was very surprised. Using the same version of chrome, she signed in as a partner and didn’t have an issue. I’m going to delete chrome and try to reinstall. Before I do that I need to see if my bookmarks, etc. are tied to my gmail account so I don’t lose them.

I assume, before you totally delete chrome, you have tried removing cookies and plugins?

All the best