Keep expert wanted

Hi everyone, I am posting here because I am looking for someone who can take over our current campaign management. It needs to be revised and rebuild. We are looking for an expert who can help improve what we have.

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We would love to help.

I’ve started using the software in 2007 and have been a Certified Partner for 6 years.

My Director of Operations worked for Infusionsoft by Keap for 6 years.

I’m a PlusThis and Zapier Certified Expert, so we can help with any 3rd party integrations that you may need, and I am a StoryBrand Certified Guide, so I can help you with your marketing message, if needed.

Please email me ( or call my (cell number below) and we can chat.

Looking forward to helping you with your system.


SB Certified Guide Sig.png

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