Javascript snippet not displaying full form at 90%

I am running this form for the landing page for a client. The client tested the form and said there was no download button.

It turned out they were viewing through Chrome at 90%.

I am not sure if my terminology is correct, but it seems that the depth of the parent div (and width) is smaller than the depth and width of the inner divs - so the bottom (and a bit of the side) gets chopped off.

Is there a fix for this?

The div would need to have the attribute for overflow set to scroll. The div might look like this:

<div id="thisDiv" style="overflow:scroll">

or the CSS like this:

#thisDiv {

Thanks John - can I set the depth of the outside one to a longer depth? If so how?

I don’t really want a scroll bar in the middle of a page.

Actually the scroll instruction doesnt work. (Assuming I can just add

<div style="overflow:scroll"> and </div> on either side of their snippet).

You only see half the form - and the scroll bars appear - but without the facility to scroll.

Specifically to that form set the css to:

#mainContent {