Javascript for web-opt in form not working

Hi I have a website created on weebly.
I have inserted the code into the body tag section of the website as you can see here

I saved it, published it, but the form is not appearing when I load the newly published version?

I clicked and dragged an “embed code” widget onto a weebly page and pasted my form script and it worked.

Looking at your code, it looks like a css file, but it is saved as .html. If you want to define css classes on an html page, you add it inline inside of a <style> tag - at least as far as I know. So I’m a bit confused at what I’m looking at. But my guess is that your adding html to a css file that is saved as an html file :dizzy_face:

Thanks for looking at this.

The infusionsoft instructions say paste the javascript code into your page between the body tags. Which is what I have done.

I have tried embedding the html code onto the page but the form just gets longer and longer and pushes all the other info to the bottom so I end up with a huge blank space.

I am not a web developer and don’t know html. I am just following the instructions I have been given. Sorry, I am not sure about changing the code?

To add the javascript I had to go into weebly and edit the html/css which I have never done before. So I found the body tag and pasted the code just after. So you are saying I need to the text before and after the code?

I will give it a try.

Thanks again.


Actually, you have NOT pasted the code in between the body tag. The ‘body’ reference you see is css code regarding the body tag but is not the actual body tag section. Your image shows code pasted in your <head><style> section of CSS code. Reposition it under <body> further down and you should be good.