Is there legitimately not a programmatic way to acquire accessToken and refreshToken?

I have several complaints about this API, so correct me if I’m wrong about any of them…

It looks like all the code examples are for the deprecated XML-RPC API.
It looks like there is no API (REST or XML-RPC) for companies.
It looks like there is not a programmatic method to acquire access tokens. It looks like my options involve a convoluted OAuth2 process (pointless, I’m only trying to automate sending users that signup to my application into my own infusionsoft contacts, not involving/handling other people’s infusionsoft accounts.) or I need to bootstrap an accessToken/refreshToken, then in either scenario I need to write a Rube Goldberg machine to make sure my application is baby-sitting these refresh-tokens in my database and ensuring that they don’t accidentally invalidate each other across requests. So, a huge amount of extra infrastructure over simple API keys with no code examples.

Am I missing anything?


REST documentation can be found here:!/Affiliate/searchCommissionsUsingGET

The REST implementation is still in development. The way to get company data will currently be with the new api (which you can use the same OAuth access as REST with) by using the data object to read the Company table.

Programmatically, the oauth process for accessing your own app would involve a one time authorization for you (not your customers) and then you would need to manage the refresh cycle for those tokens every 24 hours. Your customers/clients would never know anything about it. I made a video to help explain some of the details around that: