Unable To Refresh The Accesstoken

Hi Team,
we have few applications in Infusionsoft developer account and earlier we have used the scope while doing auth flow scope= full defaults full and generated accesstoken whole flow used to go fine earlier. But all of sudden flow is not working and while trying with scope=full, I can able to generate the refreshtoken for the newly generated accesstoken with the new scope. May i know how can i resolve the issue for the old customers accesstoken. Can any suggest how can i make it work for the older connection with the old scope.

You’d have to start at the manual login/auth then. Once a token is refreshed both the access and refresh tokens expire. You’d have to manually login and re-authorize to renew someone elses that is no longer valid then.

Hi John,
We are having Keap as one integration in our application and customers used to connect and create a workflows to integrate with our application data syncing with keap. Now current issue is we couldnt able to refresh all the existing tokens of customers one due to scope issue. Do we have any fix for that

Also one more question, In existing flow we have used XML_RPC flow and now we are planning to migrate to Rest api. Here the problem is few fields are not there in rest api which we are supporting earlier with XML RPC. Do we have any solution for these

Hi, @thejeswar_reddy ,

So as to the first question about tokens, it’s really going to depend on what you have access to and how things are setup. I’m a bit in the dark on that part. If you have access to all the code you should be able to manually re-auth and just place the new tokens where they belong (in a .env file or a db table or something like that I’d assume)?

As far as the differences in fields between xml-rpc and rest, no there isn’t any way to match up what does and doesn’t exist in each. I’d keep the calls using those fields in question using the rpc and the rest of the calls could use rest. It would mean managing the tokens for rest but once the api key in in place there isn’t anything else to do with that part.

Otherwise, you’d just have to adjust. The rest implementation doesn’t have access to tables the way the xml-rpc does so that’s what you have to work with.

Hi John,
May I know when XML rpc is going to deprecate.

Can you please let us know the update on is there any time line on deprecating the XML-RPC in near future.

Hi, @thejeswar_reddy ,

It’s not going to be phased out. For over ten years they’d talked about it and every once in a while someone comes up to me panicing about deprecation.

Originally, they wanted to (long time ago) but they had no plan for accounting for the thousands of integrations out there that they would completely destroy, so it just sat as something to think about. Then, when they came out with the first version of Keap (before they were Infusionsoft), they talked about wanting to again, but still had no answer to the failing integrations issue. They were talking about getting rid of Infusionsoft (Keap Max Classic now) all together and the partners all said quite loudly ‘no don’t do that’. So they changed their minds and now we have all the versions of Keap we have.

So there isn’t any way for them to get rid of the api key method without destroying a ton of existing integrations which would result in a loss of a huge number of customers. They prefer for people to use REST/OAuth. If you’re building something for others to use and not just internally for your company, they want you to use REST/OAuth. But there are a ton of integrations and services out there using the api key for authentication and that’s not going to change.

You do not have to worry about it not functioning any time soon.

Hi @John_Borelli ,
We had the integrations XML-RPC with auth flow. So we want to get to know that is that XML_RPC flow will deprecate in future?

We had InfusionSoft integration in our end using XML_RPC auth flow. We used to connect to the infusionsoft by using this auth url. - https://accounts.infusionsoft.com/app/oauth/authorize?client_id=gzv3m8zeexpr6tv3mxp3wxjj&redirect_uri=https://integrationtest.anywhereworks.com/full/integrations/callback/021b9140-eba0-4639-9c0d-59d9d5c9c266/6fd64fe8-eab3-476e-b95d-11f98ed4b4d7&response_type=code&scope=full%09Defaults+to+full .
All of sudden we are getting error as scope is not allowed as this :
Server encountered exception: The request was rejected because the header value "full Defaults to full|wy259.infusionsoft.com" is not allowed. when we are hitting XML-RPC api with the accesstokens which is generated by above mentioned auth url.
So while doing exploration we have just changed the auth url scope as this pointed alone to full: https://accounts.infusionsoft.com/app/oauth/authorize?client_id=gzv3m8zeexpr6tv3mxp3wxjj&redirect_uri=https://integrationtest.anywhereworks.com/full/integrations/callback/021b9140-eba0-4639-9c0d-59d9d5c9c266/6fd64fe8-eab3-476e-b95d-11f98ed4b4d7&response_type=code&scope=full the current accesstokens is working fine now.
But here the problem is we had so many customers which they have already connected their integrations so for them its breaking with the old accesstoken. So everyone need to connect newly. This is my first question is there any way i can support my existing customers instead of asking them to reconnect the integration.

Hope this information would be helpful. If need any further information please let us know @John_Borelli

Hi @John_Borelli ,
It would be very helpful, if we had any update on this ticket.

Hi John,
Can I get any update regarding this ticket?- https://integration.keap.com/t/unable-to-refresh-the-accesstoken/84643/8

@thejeswar_reddy ,

I’m afraid this isn’t a ‘ticket’. The answer I provided is the correct answer, which is, they have to relogin in order to renew the flow or you can goto api key and forgo all that.

Hi @John_Borelli ,
Got the answer what you said mostly but i got confused with the api key. Thats why clearly on specific am just asking about doc link - xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal , Is this doc link api had any timeline for deprecating like that?. we are consuming this xml-rpc doc and here we are not consuming any api-key flow thats what i just conveyed my issue again here and reconfirming with you. hope am clear now.

Hi, @thejeswar_reddy ,

You’re going to hear ‘talk’ about deprecation but it’s been around for nearly 10 years. They won’t be deprecating it anytime soon. Keep in mind that there are literally thousands of integrations that use this method. They can’t deprecate it without breaking all those integrations and they haven’t come up with a way to safely do that. Also, that was talked about when they were going to get rid of infusionsoft (max classic) but that decision was also later changed. You’re safe to use it without it going anywhere.

Thank you for the update

Thanks @John_Borelli