Is there any way to call web API on tag trigger?

In my case I would like to add Contact to my webserver Database only if Contact is applied to some tag e.g “PushToSystem”. So whenever Contact is applied tag “PushToSystem” on Infusionsoft, it should make call to public API created on my webserver e.g

With contactId, I will pull all the contact info from Inufusionsoft and create new customer entry on my server.


This could be handled a few ways, here are a few common ones:

A: Create a campaign that when a tag is applied sends an HTTP POST (which is to your endpoint to enter the record into your system) (sample below)


B: use the API to find the contacts with certain tags. You can Query the ContactGroupAssign Table by GroupId (tag id) and find the records with your tag (more of a chron job)


C: Use the API to return a saved search which has your criteria. If you set a custom field to mark that it’s synced, than the list could only show your new records.
^ there might be a REST option, I still use SOAP for this. :slight_smile: ![campaign-post|690x434]

HTTP POST example:


You don’t need to manage sending anymore because there are REST webhooks that can notify you:!/REST_Hooks/list_hook_event_types

These send the contact id and the associated record id. In this case, you would want to hook the trigger contactgroup.applied and look for the tag id you’re watching for, “PushToSystem”. When you identify that then you know to use the contact id sent to pull the contact information and use it to update your external system.

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Nice! I’m very SOAP based still… Still waiting on a few key features to make the cutover :thinking:

You can still setup the webhook and have SOAP based responder code.