Is there any good ways of creating a campaign to invite someone to your newsletter?

Hi All,

I am in the middle of creating my Invite to E-Newsletter Campaign, however I am not 100% certain of what is the best way to do it.

So far I have done it so that I will tag them with the Invite to E-Newsletter which triggers a sequence, that Sequence then has an email and in that email it has a button they click that says Yes Please Sign me up! it takes them to a landing page which they then fill out a Form which gives them the Newsletter tag.
Every month I will then create a campaign and the tag will be the newsletter tag to start the sequence.

I am not to confident in this plan, as I feel like there is a better way around it and would like your opinions and your ideas/tips on what you have done for your campaign.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi John, got one main question here.

You are sending this email to contacts that are already in your app, correct?

So they get an email to click a button to then have to also fill out a form to get the tag?

Now if you are doing that for data capture purposes etc then cool. However you could simply have a button that says ‘Sign me up’ which gives the tag, and the page you send them to is simply a page that reads thanks for signing up

All the best


Hi Andy,

thanks for the response, however can you please explain how to do that? As I have tried using a button but I cannot find any way to make the button a tag. or do i need to use email legacy to make the button a tag?

Appreciate your time,

Hi John.

Going to go through a few things here, just to make sure we’re on the same page.

So firstly in the email builder you can drag out the button object.

For a button to work it must have an action assigned to it. If you simply want people to be able to click it to say ‘yes’ to something then what I would do is make a landing page with no form on it (so no submission required) - I refer to these as splash pages.

Now you have a URL for the button, place it in the dropdown on the left hand side in the Button Link choosing URL as the option.


As you can see there is a tag icon below the URL, simply put into there the tag you want people to gain if they click the button.

All the best