Is there a way for a contact to automatically transfer to another IS account?

I am needing to find a solution. We have one account whereby we do everything for our company, marketing, etc. Then we have another IS a company that is a CRM for our Online Business School. (this account assists in Login / Subscription) etc. We currently market from our main account, but the final purchase is completed in the Online Business School account. This causes us not to be able to see the true conversion.

Does anyone know of a way to do this automatically? For instance, client purchases the online business school product in main account, and then IS transfers contact data and tags them to start the enrollment campaign in our Online business school company. Possibly, a 3rd Party Software from the Marketplace?

If you’re using the classic app then yes, you can automate contacts being sent into another app and even assign conditions to it. Goto Admin>>Settings and click on ‘Relationships’. Here you can setup access to the other app. Then goto Lead Distribution Rules. This is where you can decide the conditions in which to copy the contact to the selected app with.