Is There a Feature For Customers to Cancel and Refund Subscriptions On Their Own?

We just received a notice on Friday that among other things Visa will require that customers be able to cancel subscriptions online. It’s effective April 18th.

I’ve poured through Infusionsoft support files and cannot find anything on this. Maybe I’m just missing it.

Has anyone see that message and does anyone know of a solution?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

I’ve attached the notice from Visa.

visa-new-subscription-rules-flier.pdf (580.9 KB)

You can create an Action Set that will cancel a subscription.
So, you could create a Web Form that they could click (tied to their email/account record) and up on submission of “I’d like to cancel my free trial”, it would trigger a sequence that would run the action set to cancel the free trial subscription that they have.



Thanks Jeff. Two questions:

  1. You mention canceling a free trial, would this also work for subscriptions that have already paid? We don’t offer free trials, everything’s cash up front.
  2. Is there an action set that would initiate the refund as well?

It would work for paid, as well (I mentioned free trial, as that is what the PDF looked like it was targeting).
No automatic refunds, though.