Is the "plan info" tab fields in contact details supported for read/write via API


I have a requirement to read / update a few contact related fields (that are available under Plan Info tab at the frond end inside a contact view) via API.

Fields such as: Plan Assets, Number of Participants, DC Assets, DB Assets, etc.

Looking at the xml-rpc documentation, I don’t find such service or information. Can anyone please point me to the right direction to achieve this.



You must be referring to custom fields. Custom fields can be accessed in the same array you uses to indicate what fields from the contact table you would be acting upon. If you had an array like:


Then to add custom fields you would add the fields to that array preceded by an underscore. You must use the database name (not always the same as the name you gave it). The database name can be found by going to your custom field list and clicking the link at the top of the list. So if you had a custom field named thisField but the database name was thisField0 then you would add to your array ‘_thisField0’