Is the Opportunity Pipeline Summary report broken?

Is there any way for the” Forecasted Revenue” column to show Product Revenue + Subscription Revenue? Or at the very least for the “Forecasted Subscription” to show the TOTAL subscription for the cycle? For example if the monthly subscription is $100/month on a 12-month cycle should display $1200? Right now only displays $100 and ignores the cycle length.
Currently the Forecasted Revenue column only shows any amount related to PRODUCT and does not take in to account the Subscription Revenue. As well is there any way for the Forecasted Subscription column to show the total revenue for subscription vs. just the monthly.
For example I have a monthly subscription on a 12 month cycle. However the Forecasted Subscription only displays the monthly fee and ignored the 12 month cycle.
Can I have the Forecasted Revenue display the Product + total Subscription ?