IS REST token endOfLife question

Hi, can anyone tell me that using following command increases the “endOfLife” of existing token?

$my_token_array = Array
    [access_token] => xyzxyz
    [token_type] => bearer
    [expires_in] => 86400
    [refresh_token] => abcabc
    [scope] => full|
$obj = new Infusionsoft\Token($my_token_array);


I think you’re asking about refreshing tokens? Please see Refresh an Access Token:

After your access token expires, you’ll use the refresh token that was provided when your access token was initially granted to request a new access token.

Note: Once a Refresh Token is used to receive a new Access Token, you will be returned a new Refresh Token as well, which will need to be persisted in order to request the next access token.

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is it necessary to refresh the tokens if previous tokens are not expired? i have noticed that when i set the stored tokens using following command it updates [endOfLife] only