What are the expiry of Authorization Code I got from Request Permission API?

I have requested the permission and got the Code after Authorisation. Now I wants store this code in config and use this same code for every AccessToken and RefresToken request.

Do I also need to refresh This code after some time or it needs to be done only once? Document says the following:

  1. Authenticate Once, Refresh the Rest – The new indefinite Refresh Token can be used to request a new Access Token to maintain the sync between your app and a user’s Infusionsoft application. This process eliminates the need for a user to re-authenticate every 90 days.

The Refresh Token will expire after six months, if not utilized to obtain the next token in the sequence. Access Tokens expire after one day. You will have to update your stored tokens on a regular basis; they are not static.

I was asking about 24 character Authorization code. Which we will use to get Tokens.

The actual auth code is very short lived. The last estimate I heard was about five minutes.

You use the Authorization Code immediately to obtain the Refresh Token and Access Token. It is single-use with a short lifetime.