Is it possible to copy and paste into the broadcast e-mail editor without losing spacing?

I regularly copy and paste formatted text into broadcast e-mails since we send out exercising programming on a weekly basis.

Is there a workaround to be able to paste this into the new editor without losing the line breaks?

I’ve been using the classic broadcast, but that tends to not play particularly nicely with people’s various mobile e-mail applications.

An example of the type of text that we send:

A. 3 sets:

5 strict weighted supinated chin-ups

-Rest 30s

10 supinated bent over rows

-Rest 30s

45s farmer’s hold

-Rest 1-2 min

Training notes:

•Supinated weighted pull-ups should be challenging but unbroken.

•Supinated bent over row: Supinated Grip Bent Over Row - YouTube

•Farmer’s hold should start to get very tough near the end of the second 45s.

•This should be a relatively uncomfortable upper body pulling and grip muscle endurance session.

Record weights used for chin-ups, rows, and farmer’s hold.

B. 10 min AMRAP:

5 strict presses (115/75)

200m run

15 kipping handstand push-ups

200m run

3 wall climbs

200m run

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Any news on this?

Hey Manuel,

I’ve been using the HTML editor and copying and pasting the text into a “word to HTML” site to get formatted text:

Adds some steps, but is a reasonable workaround.

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