Creating an HTML page of an email message

Hi - Is there any way to create HTML copies of email blasts that we build in InfusionSoft so that we can link to it on our webpage, or send it to a list serve?


If you are using the older HTML email format, you can copy the code, but not with the newer drag-n-drop builder.
Depending on what type fo website you have, you may be able to auto-post using a special email address (you can do this in WordPress), and that may be able to create a post automatically for you with the formatting you need (but you’d have to test to be sure the formatting worked correctly).


Hi Jeff - Thanks for the reply! We are using drag and drop, but we have a Wordpress site through our university contract with them. Do you have more information on how I can use a special email address to have it populate on our Wordpress site?
Thanks, Stacey