IP Range for HTTP Posts in Campaign

I’m using a campaign to make an http post to an API. The developer of the api wants to whitelist the IPs of where the post might be coming from for security reasons. I tried searching but didn’t see an answer of the IP ranges that Infusionsoft uses for this, does anyone have any insight? Thanks!

We are having the exact same issue and it’s a huge PITA for our marketing campaigns. Your support gave me the following list of IPs to whitelist:
BUT, they are wrong, all the calls form the infusionsoft campaigns come form 35...* and they change quite frequently. Last IP changed on November 22nd and our campaign has been failing for 5 days until one of the subscribers alerted us to it. This is unacceptable and we need a solution ASAP. Please help!

P.S. FYI we use NGINX, in case there’s a special config required…

As a fellow dev, my suggestion is to setup a proxy to receive the posts from Infusionsoft and forward them on to your production server. The proxy can be open and then you only need to white-list your proxy’s static IP.
I doubt that you’ll be able to get a reliable, long-term stable list of IPs from Infusionsoft.

Thank you, Jordan. Unfortunately it’s not a viable solution for us, since it’s essentially the same if we had our servers “open” to all calls.