Invoicing with one-time and recurring line items - payment options

How do I offer a prorated monthly fee (one-time) and a recurring fee for the following month on one invoice.

The scenario:
My clients are charged on the 15th of each month for the month ahead. If I add a client on any date other than the 15th I prorate the charge. Keap Pro allows there to be a one-time line item with a recurring line item which can be set for a later date. However the recipient does not have an option to pay the prorated rate “now” and the recurring for the next date. (In our case the 15th) Instead the only option the recipient currently has is to pay the prorate (one-time) and the monthly fee (recurring) at one time.

Below is a screen shot of the test invoice I sent to myself on 1/18 to see if there is an option to pay for the one-time and not the recurring set for 1/19.