Inconsistent undo not working and no save button

I have found that the undo ctrl + z function will sometimes not work at all. Combine this with infusionsoft automatically saving any changes and you are open to undoable mistakes. Why is there no “Save” button?

Point in case. We had a new user come in and check out how the campaign builders work. They opened up a campaign and proceeded to make changes.They made a breaking change, undo didn’t work then infusionsoft saved the broken changes losing the previous state. now the campaign is broken!

Am I missing something here?

Sure all the big companies can manage auto saves, but the way it is set up in the email builder is open to big undoable mistakes as I have found out.

We need a save button and a reliable undo function. otherwise its pretty clunky to use. The amount of times I have had to delete an email and pull in a saved template and restart because undo doesn’t always work. This also bloats out the template folder with useless saves from trying to protect current content from auto saves.

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If you go into the campaign in the top right you can choose the ‘actions’ dropdown and restore a previous version (one of your previously published versions). This will take you back to a working version of the campaign.

I don’t think I explained it correctly.

I need undo to work on small changes and also big breaking changes. Undo in a normal application takes less than 1 second to execute; Ctrl + Z. But what you are suggesting is I publish the campaign every time I want to save? then the way I undo anything is restore a version? Sounds extremely painful.

I don’t think that code-wise, the data structures used to represent the campaign builder model, is all that small in size and as a result would likely freeze the campaign editing in your browser for lack of memory. The feature you’re describing is most often seen on local apps that have use of your systems entire memory pool if needed but campaign builder can only use the memory set aside dynamically for the browser and tab specifically that it’s opened into. So I can understand the want but I can also see the performance issue in the background when it comes to coding such a feature.

Oh. There is no ‘undo’ function in campaign builder as you are asking for.

My point is when inside the “email builder” the undo function sometimes doesn’t work so when it auto saves, it saves a broken email. This is a big pain. I mean if there was a save button and no auto-save at least I could refresh and get my version back. The auto save is what is making mess when working inside emails inside of campaigns.