I would like to intragrate ringcentral into infusionsoft

1. recorded calls from ring central to infusionsoft
2. record sms from ring central to infusionsoft

[Send Ringcentral New Call Recording to infusionsoft contacts] You are actually really close with this one! The big thing we need to consider here is that right now, we can get the call recording from RingCentral, but we need to figure out how to make sure that recording is added the correct contact contact/email for the Contact in Infusionsoft.

For example, if I called and there was a recording, RingCentral would start this Zap, but they don’t send an email. So Infusionsoft doesn’t know where to record this—is there somewhere that you keep a list of emails of contacts?

Hi @Mary_a, if I’m understanding what you’ve said correct, it sounds like you’re looking to record in Infusionsoft when a call or SMS is received in RingCentral. Is that correct? If so I would recommend creating a note on the contact record using this REST endpoint. I’m not super familiar with Zapier but it looks like they offer creating a note as an option as well under the Actions tab on this page.

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