I need to enter an API key in Leadpages to integrate but don't know where to find it

I am trying to link my Leadpages account with Infusion soft. It is asking for Account Simple Name and
API Key. Where do I find this? Something this simple is making me pull my hair out!

Thank you!

@Tkachuk_Lee, after you login to your Infusionsoft account, the Account Name is the “xxx” part of https://xxx.infusionsoft.com/ (yours will be unique.)

To find your API Key, navigate to Admin > Settings > Application Settings > Application > scroll down to where you’ll see API/Encrypted Key. If there is nothing in the Encrypted Key area, just add a phrase (anything - and you should never change this - and it’s not necessary to ever remember it) in the API Passphrase and save it. An Encrypted Key will be automatically created for you.

Hope that helps.

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Here is the setup documentation: