I can't attach and add files suddenly?


I can’t attach and add files suddenly?

I’m using a Mac and Chrome.

When I click browse nothing happens. When I click attach it says “Please select a file.”

I restarted my computer. I used AVG cleaner and used my Adwear Dr and removed unwanted extensions.

??? HELP!

@Sylvia_Caruthers, sorry to hear that. I can’t tell where that screenshot is in Infusionsoft. Are you uploading a file into a contact record?

Yes, I’m trying to upload a file to a contact record.

@Sylvia_Caruthers, we tested this on a mac with Chrome and it was working. In my personal experience, it has always been a chrome extension that conflicts with something…like Adblock, LastPass, or Grammerly. You may also want to try a different browser so you can confirm/deny it’s something related to Chrome.

I just used Safari and it works! Awesome except I use Chrome. Up until a few weeks ago it was working just fine. Any suggestions on getting it to work again?

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First thing I would do is simply clear cache and cookies.

If that didn’t work, I would disable my chrome extentions and try to isolate the offending extention. I’m not sure what this looks like on a mac, but I assume it’s similar to this

  1. then you can disable them


If that didn’t work, i would uninstall and reinstall chrome.

That’s all I can think of