HTTP Redirect Form Thank You Page based on non custom field selection

I want to redirect a thank you page based on radio selection that is not a custom field. I have the code to do it based on a custom field. Can it be done from just a radio selection. Decision Diamonds can read the selection so this should be possible.

Thanks Much!

What specifically are you meaning by a non-custom field? The only other kind of fields are the standard fields so which standard field would you be referring to?

Sorry for not being clear. I want to redirect from the options in a radio snippet after the form is submitted. Thanks in advance for any help doing this.

So I think you’d be referring to what has been dubbed a “virtual field”. @TomScott, do you have any insight on these or maybe a link to documentation?

@Dean_Conomikes FormLift premium has this ability. See our video tutorial on the matter.


Thanks for share your issue. Could you please share us how do you achieve this with a custom fields?