Http post to GoToWebinar

I have been using a great little free app called WEBINARCORE to register webinar attendees into a webinar without a bunch of clicks. They just clicked a link in my campaign and they were automatically registered using the http post that Webinarcrore gave me.

Here is the picture of my campaign sequence:

And here is the picture of the http post:

It was simple and worked great. But it’s no longer working. Looks like they may have shut there page down. www.webinarcore:

Anyone have a simple tool to integrate Infusionsoft with GoToWebinar?

Checkout The API Guys plugin Plugin Details.

It uses an http post setup and has other capabilities as well. We off a la carte pricing which makes it affordable if it is the only plugin you need (but we have many, many more!) Reach out to any of us over here at The API Guys and we would be happy to help get you started!

Glad to see someone’s already offered help. :smiley:

Another idea, @Michael_Mills, is Zapier. I’ve not used it, myself, but it’s worth checking out.

Also, we do have The Marketplace available for you to peruse.

What is your fee for just the ability to do an http posts?

Michael Mills
Direct: (707) 522-6253