Http 500 Internal server error when trying to create opportunity

Lately all our requests to create Opportunities have been rejected with a 500 Internal Server Error response-code and this response payload: {“message”:“There was a problem creating new Opportunity.”}

How do we get in touch with someone who can investigate exactly what goes wrong?

The following is what we post for one of the failing opportunities:

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Claus Nielsen

I believe the stage section (where you have the id and name key/value pairs) is supposed to be wrapped by a “details” element.

Like this: {“opportunity_title”:“blablabla”,“contact”:{“id”:2012},“details”: {“stage”:{“id”:71,“name”:“Created”}}}?
That gives a 400 Bad Request - and also doesn’t match the example given here: Keap REST API

I have the same problem and being impacted by it! Any response?

I would start then with the complete data set giving in documentation without removing anything and modifying names as needed. Get that working and then remove what you don’t need. It’s definitely a json format issue.

But why something that was working suddenly stop. Makes no sense!

It’s definitely not just an json format issue. For one thing, as Luke_S points out, it used to work. And also, we should get an 4xx response code if that was the case. We get an 500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR, which clearly indicates something is broken on the servers - and leaves us completely blind wrt to what exactly is wrong.

I have seen many 5xx server errors on json issues. It’s basically saying that it doesn’t know what to do with what was sent and it doesn’t know who is at fault (sender or server)…ie “it’s confused” lol…but you’re certain it’s not so you can call support and ask them to look at the server logs and maybe that will show something.

I did call support. They weren’t any help.
It has never been neccessary before, and according to the api documentation it is not required, but including a “user” object with a user id helped.

Hi @Claus_Nielsen, I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this issue. We’ve looked into it and identified the problem and a fix will be rolling out soon.

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