How to Manually Charge a 2 Payment Plan

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Solution - Manual Charging of 2-Payment Plan
Normally our customers use order forms when choosing a 2-payment plan, via the Internet.

Here is our order form 2-payment radio button option, the normal way people pay via a radio button selection. The first payment happens immediately and then the second payment is charged in 28 days time.


Manual Billing Method
I want to share how to process a 2-payment plan via manual billing, for it took some working out. Hoping this knowledge might help someone else in the future.

When manually processing this same 2-payment plan it takes some careful selection of options.

Having selected the card on file and put in a (fake) CVC in this example, you get to select the payment plan details.

The initial payment is $199.50 and the plan start date controls the second payment timing.

There is only one payment after the initial payment and days between payments actually doesn’t matter (in a two payment situation). If the payment plan had more than two payments then days between payment would be significant.

Failure Examples
This configuration confused me for the following examples did not work as expected.

Full payment was charged immediately (using 1 day between billing in the test example).

Half payment was charged twice immediately (using 2 days between billing in the test example).

I hope this information helps someone with the same confusing challenge!

Aly :slight_smile: