How to integrate UltraCart with Infusionsoft?

New to Infusionsoft. We are using UltraCart on the back end and I have the API keys installed at UltraCart but am not seeing any order data populating in Infusionsoft. Where do I go from here to troubleshoot? Thanks in advance.


@Adam_Boettiger, were you able to get the help you needed? It looks like UtraCart has support contact info in the footer of their site:


No. I was not. UltraCart confirmed that they are sending data out. I uploaded a .csv of product skus to Infusionsoft but I still can’t see any transactions in infusionsoft.

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I’m not sure I understand; you have an integration that they report is active, but you are also uploading a CSV?

Maybe it would be best to call in to submit an API case as they are trained to help whereas the normal support is for general support inquiries. Here is a link: Create a Support Ticket - Keap Developer Portal

Hi Adam,

It looks like there might be something not working. Since UltraCart is saying they are sending order but none are being added to Infusionsoft I believe the best way to get this resolved would be to first reach out to UltraCart to get the request body and header information that are being sent to Infusionsoft. Also as Infusionsoft returns what happened having UltraCart also give you the response body and header information.

Once this is obtained create a support case as mentioned above. This will allow the support rep to look into the issue and duplicate the issue if it is an issue or point out what isn’t being sent to Infusionsoft correctly if that is where the issue is at. Without the request body and header information though we can test on our side using the correct manner. If it works we are kind of at a loss as to why it isn’t working for other integrations until we get the request body which will be in the XML format for adding orders.


From this description, it sounds like you only imported products. I understand that UltraCart has “confirmed” sending data out…honestly, I don’t trust those words from anyone without seeing it myself. Are they sending information to the right place with the right information? Can you confirm this with a report at least or some other form of records you have access to? Are they showing a log that says sending but have a technical issue that isn’t actually sending but just reporting. I do API integrations every day and overwhelmingly, something like I’ve mentioned is the culprit. The take away is, don’t believe what is said…believe what can be proven.