How to integrate infusionsoft and webinarjam form

I want to integrate infusionsoft and webinarjam form on my website the same it has been integrated in the below image done by another website.

Is it created through infusionsfot campaign http post or through Api of both infusionsoft and webinarjam.

I haven’t tested the method in this article in a while, but I was told it still works. You could give this a try: Integrating WebinarJam and Infusionsoft - Monkeypod Marketing

Thanks for the help Greg :slight_smile:

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I wish I could offer more, but honestly, I don’t use WebinarJam anymore, so I haven’t really kept up on it.

It’s alright Greg. It will help me out alot. Thanks

Hey Greg,I have integrated the same way it’s been told in the link provided by you. Thanks for the help. But I am still not clear that how to make the exact form made in the above image provided by me.

Jarek, it looks like you’re using PlusThis. If you’ve already done this successfully once using PlusThis, have you tried contacting them directly? Their Facebook Group is also very responsive.

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Thanks for the information Cheryl :slight_smile:
Didn’t knew about their facebook group, i’ll contact them now.

Do you know their facebook id?

Here you go: PlusThis Users | Facebook :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Cheryl :slight_smile:

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