Anyone know how to get WebinarJAM 3.0 connected?

I have the new WebinarJAM 3.0 and the integration with Infusionsoft is more complicated than the old integration. Had to use to set up a specific API with a secret ID and secret code for the connection / integration to work.
Got my specific API setup and confirmed with all the “secrets” placed them into the integration locations on WebinarJAM and then the recurring reject - invalid client! Anybody know what that means? No info, no explanation - just rejection. Pressed the ALLOW button and get a second screen rejection. Two days I’ve been working on this - the customer service at Infusionsoft cannot answer the question either.
Has anyone been able to connect WebinarJAM 3.0 and Infusionsoft successfully? If so, please share the details of how you did it. I followed the WebinarJAM instructions to the T with no success. HELP PLEASE!

Is you client_id active in the developer portal?