How to insert web links in email headers without the underline?

I notice in other emails that the product categories placed at the header are not hyperlinked which if by text has an underline. Any advice how to do this at infusionsoft?

This may be possibly through building the email in the HTML builder… It would need to format each category as a hyperlinked image, as part of the ‘header’ image, placed side to side.

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I was able to get something close using the modern Email Builder. It looks like your limited to a 3-column layout though (stacking images side-by-side) Like @James_Mefford mentioned, you may need to build this as a custom HTML email.

Thanks for replying. I will try the HTML builder then.

If you’re going to use html then you can use this code snippet to get rid of all underlines.

Put this css inside an html style tag.

a {
text-decoration: none;

See here: