How to include "view this email as webpage" (with the link to open in a browser) in email broadcast?


Hey Jeremie,

Using our merge fields, you can actually get that text and link merged in by copying and pasting the following into it’s own paragraph block:

Just put that in the top of your email and it will merge in that text and link so they can view it as HTML!

As seen here:



Thanks Michael Earl for your help. While I have you, can you direct me to any shortcuts or cheat sheets in creating an email broadcast at infusionsoft? I am also looking how to put an managing preferences as an option for email recipients. Thank you.

Not a problem, Jeremie!

I’m not sure of any shortcuts or cheat sheets, but for an email preference center check out our Mastermind video here:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

How can I change the text displayed from this ~HostedEmail.Link~? Or, is there another workaround to provide a link to display just a section of the email in a browser?

I am trying to use this feature below an animated gif, to provide Outlook users with easy access to viewing the animation (since Outlook 2000-2016 only displays the first frame of the animation).

Current text: Having trouble viewing this email? Click here
Desired text: Watch the full animation



Did you ever solve this? I just need the link so I can reference it with “click here” from a text in another language, but this doesn’t work like that. @Michael_Earl, any ideas?

not sure how to extract just that link but i’m running into another problem. My issue is that other merge fields (like first name, phone number, etc.) are not being pulled through to the hosted version of the email. they show up in the original version of the email but when i click the link: “Having trouble viewing this email?” the merge fields are blank…any thoughts?

Ay idea why it doesn’t pick up the set hyperlink color for the email? I thought if you set the color in the design then it would be the same as the rest of the email. For whatever reason it doesn’t pick that up at all.

Hi all,

I’m experiencing an issue with this > ~HostedEmail.Link~. I have inserted this as stated, however it just shows the actual text > ~HostedEmail.Link~ instead of view in browser. I sent a test email and no View in Browser link was shown.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Is this still not working for you? I just tried it and it was working for me:



Thank you! All working. My coworker sent a screenshot, however it was from the preview page, not a draft send. It works fine in the draft send. Thank you for the reply!

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~HostedEmail.Url~ used to work for us, but now it seems to be broken. We tried ~HostedEmail.Link~ but it seems to have the same issue. When we click on the Click here link We see " Oops! Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later." instead of the Html version of email.

Hi, @Saketha_Satyavolu. I tested it and it’s working for me. Maybe it was a temporary issue? Try copy and pasting this exactly into the template and test it out


I tried copy pasting it, but still it shows the same “oops”.
I can see this in the email in the place of merge field:
View this email online:
This email was sent as HTML-only. To view it, please visit:
The xx are numbers.
When clicked on the link, it shows “Oops! Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later”

@Michael_Earl - this link is no longer working:

I can’t find a similar article, but I am interested in creating a true email preferences center. Is there a new article?

The most recent one I have been directing people to on chat has been this one, by @Greg_Jenkins:

I believe they make use of tags to manage which emails a contact should receive, so you’d just be mindful of that prior to sending (Checking at the beginning of a Campaign or Saved Searches which include / exclude the relevant tags)

Let me know if this works for you!

Thank you!

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Hi there,
The Hosted Link copy/paste stopped working for us in January. Anyone know why? Now, when I include it in its own paragraph block like I used to, that block simply appears blank.