How to find EU clients in database to help with GPDR compliance

Is there a way to easily find which records in the database are based in the EU to send out refreshed opt-in emails to be GPDR compliant?

I see nobody else replied, but I’ll give some insight in case you still need help.

I did this for a client.

Create tag “In the EU”
Do a search in the database for anyone listed in the covered countries. Tag them.
Do searches for email domain extensions that are in the covered areas (.uk, etc.). Anyone with that extension, tag them.
Repeat that for all of the covered countries.
Then, I went through the phone numbers and looked for country prefixes that matched covered countries and tag them.

Then, create a tag of ‘Not EU’.
Do the same search processes to capture those that are definitely not in covered areas.

That will help you capture most of them, but won’t cover everyone (if they have a base address or something). However, you can flush out a lot. Then, send the rest of the folks in the database the Opt-in email again, as well as those you’ve identified as being in the EU covered regions.

Hope that helps.



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