How to create a test database?

This feels like a very basic newbie question, but I’ve searched and not found an answer. Someone do please point me in the right direction if it’s already here somewhere.

We’re developing some sophisticated lash-ups to use Infusionsoft with other best-of-breed web services, such as Zendesk, Tableau, and an online phone system.

Since the code to do it isn’t trivial we can’t safely develop and test on the live system. However our live account has a lot of additions, extra fields, and automations that we need in our tests.

So we want a new ‘test’ account with a copy of all the non-data configuration in the live account. And ideally we’d like to be able to copy (and change, of course) a few representative customers to test with.

How do we do that?

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You can setup a sandbox for testing with some limitations. 250 contact limit, no ability to send emails. To mirror your environment you would have to manually manage that as there is no Git or similar for Infusionsoft accounts.

Here’s the sign up page if you’d like to create a sandbox account:

I would also consider setting up a separate oauth mashery account for sandbox testing as well:

Great! Many thanks all…