How to create a API connection to Filemaker

Hi there, does anybody has knowledge about how to create API connection from Infusionsoft to Filemaker. We are based in Germany and it is difficult to find any support for Infusionsoft. I am very grateful for your support. Thanks, Steffen

Not many in IS use FM/FM Pro. We looked into creating an endpoint that returns information using their JSON parser which looked like it would be a good solution. Then you’d have to write a FM script that received that JSON information and parsed them into the fields you wanted. OR sent those fields in JSON to update IS from a FM form/app.

Is it possible to give us a bit support on phone or chat? We were using the IS API Documentation but unfortunately there are no information or documentation about how to integrate API into Filemaker Pro. That would be really great!

I’m not an expert on the FM subject myself. IS doesn’t do/create integrations either so they wouldn’t have much knowledge/documentation (if any) on it. I know there are FM consultants that could help. RC Consulting off the top of my head.

ok, thanks. I will try to get this consultant.