How do you bill in multicurrency

How do you bill in multicurrency? I want to show the order form in USD, GBP and INR but in PayPal happy for all to be taken in GBP. How do you do that in InfusionSoft?

I guess it is changing the order form but how? and how does PayPal know what currency it is in? or can you fix it so is always £XX?

Infusionsoft is not build for handling multiple currencies. The only currency related feature in Infusionsoft is the currency label to use throughout the app and on your order forms. The only thing that determines what currency your customer are charged in is how your Merchant Account is setup.

I’m not sure how the PayPal integration with Infusionsoft works so far as which currency is used. I imagine that Infusionsoft uses the currency you have selected within Infusionsoft and tells PayPal to charge in that currency, but it might just use the default currency you have set in PayPal.

I am not aware of any way of allowing multiple currencies on an order form. The only way I know of charging in different currencies is to have mutliple merchant accounts, one for each currency, and set up one order form per merchant account and set each order form to use the correct merchant account for the currency being charged.


You may use a different ecommerce system that supports multicurrency that also connect seamlessly with Infusionsoft. For example, woocommerce supports multicurrency through Aelia plugin and you can integrate it to infusionsoft via InfusedWoo: