How do I use this site?

There are a lot of options to explore to maximize your experience within the Infusionsoft Community. The more you use it, the more cool stuff you’ll find here. Here are a few Pro-Tips to help you get started:

  • Fill out your user profile so that others can learn more about you and your business. This will help you connect with other Infusionsoft customers with similar personal and business interests

Utilize the “Advanced Search” feature to help you find exactly what your looking for.

  • Bookmark a favorite topic so that you can access it from your profile page

  • If a specific topic interest you, Watch it, to get notified when new replies are added

  • Turn on Desktop Notifications to get cards (kind of like Google cards) presented in your web browser when new content that interest you arrives

  • Be sure to thank someone for answering your question by selecting their reply as the “best answer”

  • If you want to quote someone in your reply, just highlight their text and click the Quote button.

  • The Infusionsoft Community can be easily accessed from your mobile device too!
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