How do I use an email merge tag from Wistia?

Anyone else encounter this issue:

When I copy the “Links to” link from Wistia’s Link in Email Campaign tab, and paste it into Infusionsoft’s “video block” in the email campaign, the video shows up but with the wrong color of play button. Here’s an example: When I test the email and send it live using the “Links to” from Wistia, the video works great!

But this not what I want to use. I want to use the Wistia’s “Email Merge Tag” from their Link in Email Campaign tab because when I paste that code into Infusionsoft’s “ block” the color of the play button is correct. Here’s an example: BUT when I test the email and send it live using the “Email Merge Tag” from WIstia, the video does not show at all in the email.

I talked with Infusionsoft’s tech department and they said that something in the Wistia code is not “jiving” with what Infusionsoft has built. I’ve chatted with Wistia as well, and they said the code is 100% valid - no errors. The Infusionsoft tech department had no solution but to come here and ask the community.

Any suggestions on what the “fix” might be?

I had the same problem. Infusionsoft gave me the name of a website that corrected the html code. Then it worked fine. I’ve forgotten the details now. I don’t remember the website. It was the same code correction each time to where you could manually correct it if you posted it often.