How do I tag all newly created records

We want to manually review/scrub each new record that is created. I can easy apply a tag called “To Be Scrubbed” on any web form, but we have one form using the new landing page format that I see no way to create a tag dependent on it creating a new record. In this form they only put in their email. If it is a new email the system will create a new record…I’d like to tag those records to be reviewed but can’t find a way to do that. Can anyone help?

Hi, @Mark_McGraw. You would just connect a sequence next to the landing page that adds the tag. The tag will be applied when the form is submitted.


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Thank you! Wouldn’t that add a tag to everyone who completed the landing page? I’m really only wanting to tag newly created records as a result of the completion of the web form. I guess I could create a decision diamond to look for any tags or other criteria and if none then apply the new lead tag.

Thanks for your help with what is probably the simplest question ever.