How Do I set up an Offer Expired Page or Closed Cart for Online Sale

I’m trying to set up and evergreen campaign to sell a product. The cart will only be open for that lead for 5 days. How do I set the offer to expire for that individual and redirect to an expired page? Does that make sense? I want them to get a warning email and then after the cart closes for them, when they click the link or try to go back it says closed…

HI, @Jen_Brazeal. I would start talking to developer partners like the API Guys, Plan B, Success Engine, etc. The process you are describing sounds like it would be technically involved to pull off.

I agree with @martinc, you’ll probably need to tap into the API to make that work.

Here’s what I would envision:

In Infusionsoft, you would want a custom field (date field) that would have the date that the cart expires.

In your emails, you would want the link to the cart to not point to the real checkout page (which would be available all the time). Instead, you would have the link point to a simple web page / application that you control.

When someone clicked the link, the web page / application would receive the Contact ID for the person as part of what was sent with the link click, and then it would connect to the Infusionsoft API to see if “today’s date” is greater than the custom date field that you set up that has the cart expiration date for the person.

If the date is passed, then the web page / application would redirect the link to the expired cart page, and if the date hasn’t passed then it would redirect to the real cart page.

I’m not a certified Developer Partner yet, but I do freelance work with the Infusionsoft API all the time and if you’d like to explore it further I’d be happy to talk to you about it.

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